I manage Doctor’s offices for a living and am highly skeptical when it comes to Doctors. I am bright enough, however, to go with something that works. This stress management stuff works. Since my first encounter with Jan Graf, he has helped my family, friends, and my Doctor clients with every condition common and uncommon known to man. Just to name a few: marital problems, dyslexia, headaches, emotional baggage about money and wealth, heart and lung conditions, as well as stress and emotional concerns too many to name. The work has helped wayward kids clean up, it’s helped couples stay together, it’s helped fathers and mothers be better parents. I have referred many clients, friends, and family to Jan. All those who went and experienced the work thanked me with sincerity for how this stress work has changed their lives.

Thanks for being so dedicated to helping others live better lives.
- J.G.

I am truly at peace with myself. It shows in all aspects of my life and I am very grateful for Jan Graf and his Stress Management. I have found that life is much more fun and enjoyable than before I learned about forgiveness and other things that I have learned through Stress Management. I have referred close to, or more than a hundred people to Stress Management and most of them have achieved the same result and could write a similar recommendation.
– B.J.

The Doc taught me the principle of forgiveness as it relates to us psychologically and how it affects our physical bodies.  As I started living the principle, great things started happening to me.  As I got rid of the stresses in my life, my health problems disappeared.

The changes were astonishing.  I lost 65 pounds in eight weeks, without dieting, medication or exercise.  The diabetic and high blood pressure problems went almost immediately, likewise my leukemia problems.

The Graf technique works.  It has helped me, my family and my friends.  As we take responsibility for the stresses in our lives we can enjoy peace and good health.
- K.S

The difference in my life when I had my first appointment until the present is like night and day.  I would not trade the time with you for anything.  I would urge anyone desiring a better quality of life without pain, physically or mentally, to make an appointment with you.  They would truly bless the day they did.
- A.J.

As we worked with Jan, we found tools to help us in every area of our lives.  Our personal development, our relationships within our marriage, family issues, financial concerns and past relationships all were improved in direct correlation to the information we received with Jan Graf and Graf Stress Management.

As we have continued to practice this work within our daily lives, we have found a peace and confidence beyond description.  We have shared what we have learned with other loved ones and associates and have had the privilege of witnessing the blessings in their lives,  from overcoming marital problems, to dealing with troubled teens, to improvement of their health.  We continue today to use the information we learned through Graf Stress Management and encourage everyone to find out for themselves the tremendous benefits they also can enjoy.
- C.C.

How can I properly thank you for your valuable help?  I feel at peace with myself.  I explained to my husband the session I had with you.  I have been putting into practice the truths I have learned.  John likes the positive change.  Just in one week our relationship has become stronger and more enjoyable.

Thank you so much for helping me.  Our whole family is benefiting from my visit to you.
- A.D.

I would personally like to thank you for all that you have done for us.  My husband is well again and we have a very sweet precious little spirit from heaven.  As you know, we had been trying to have another baby for 4 years.  The day my husband saw you for the problems that he was having due to stress you discovered why I wasn’t getting pregnant.  According to my doctor I got pregnant that night.

I had no idea that stress could cause so much physical pain.  I honestly feel that a miracle was performed and I thank you for being a part of it.
- C.T.

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